Nude #437/Collage by Gretchen Kelly by Gretchen Kelly

Gretchen Kelly

Nude #437/Collage by Gretchen Kelly

13 x 17 in (33 x 43 cm)

paper, paint, glue, graphite, board


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About This Painting

revisiting some Nudes/Collages from 2008. Been posting on FB to a group doing collages in the month of August. The surface of this painting is collaged with paper and gesso.

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About Gretchen Kelly

I am an Artist from Hudson, NY, doing almost a-painting-a-day here. In my life I do a million other creative things from window displays to textile design. Currently I juggle my professional Art career with design career in the fashion + home decor industries. Surface design and color are what make my motor run. Thus, you see it in much of my work. My work is available and you can purchase by emailing me. I am grateful for your interest in my work.

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